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On Saturday May 17th, Toronto Revellers held their 2014 Band Launch presentation of “Warriors”. Upon arriving at the Armenian Cultural Centre, the warrior theme was definitely evident. Toronto Revellers did a great job creating a band launch ambience that was both visually appealing and entertaining. Upon entering into the hall patrons were greeted by warriors goddesses, armed with sword and shield.  Heading towards the stage area, one could see warrior images and a projector screen that displayed references to epic battle movies such as 300. 

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Music for Toronto Reveller’s casino online launch was provided by De Jay doc, Dj styles and Jason Chambers. The MCs for the costume presentation were Keeping the body active can also help to speed up the marijuana detox kits process. Brenton B and Gissel D’Wassi One from Miami.

In case you missed the presentation, the sections included:

Fight of the Eagle

Ghazi Warrior


Ice Warrior

Soul of Africa

Zulu Warrior

Asian Dynasty


Carnival Warrior

Cosmic Warrior

Native Warrior

Wrath of the Barbarians

Plan of Attack

Overall good job Toronto Revellers with your 2014 presentation Warriors! All the best during the carnival season.

Do You Want to Play with Toronto Revellers this year?  For more information on Toronto Revellers check out their website at


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