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1.How does differ from other carnival websites and blogs?

I have been an avid carnival follower for several years now. I would search for information on carnival in blogs to start my carnival high but realized that its was all from a woman’s point of view. There was so much to read about stockings and headpieces etc but it wasn’t very relevant to men. From my experiences on the road in Trinidad and here in Jamiaca, I realized that although it seems simple enough for guys, we still need advice and help if you are going to FULLY maximize your experience. I learned my lessons the hard way over several carnivals simply because there was no advice for novice men. That is where comes in. I try to give advice on topics that are more relevant to a man’s point of view. Of course many of the issues are also relevant to women.

2.What carnivals do you currently cover?

We cover Trinidad and Jamaica primarily; however, we also have a new Barbadian correspondent who has been covering Cropover as well.

3.What carnivals do you intend on covering in the future?

We plan to add more significant coverage of Toronto carnival and if possible have limited coverage (via fans/contributors) from any other carnival we can.

4.Who are the major players involved in

Lehwego was my brainchild (you may call me ManLi). I couldn’t have gotten very far without the help of my cousin, ThinkAkil.
Readers will see most of the articles come from the 2 of us.

5.What is your favorite Carnival?

Trinidad of course. Because of its size and splendor and also for the fact it’s far from home so I don’t have to worry as much about my reputation:) . At the same time I have to big up Jamaica Carnival which NEVER fails to impress me with its vibes.

6.How was created?

An iMac, a Panasonic Lx5 and a dream:)

7.Where do you see in 5 years?

I want to see my creation blossom to become the “Gizmodo” of carnival. I would love to have contributors from far and wide to give more varied views and inject new ideas. I would love to see my “Lehwego PRO” app (soon to be improved and relaunched for the 2013 band launch season) become a stable on the mobile iDevice of every bacchanalist. But most importantly, I simply want to impart my humble advice to those who seek it, and I hope in 5 years I can look back and say that I accomplished that simple goal.


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DAYJAVU – June 9th, 2018

DAYJAVU – June 9th, 2018