How To Make The Mag!


Face it… we have PLENTY pages of carnival action (over 70 to be exact) but unfortunately, there are only so many photos that can fit into one magazine.├é┬áTherefore, not EVERYONE is going to make it

However, here are a few tips to increase the chances of you and your friends making the pages of CarnivalChaserMagazine: Toronto!

1. Identify CARNIVAL CHASER photographers
Obviously… If a Jamaican Jungle Juice or Toronto-Lemon photographer takes your photo, what do you think the chances of that photo making the Carnival Chaser Mag will be?

Carnival Chaser Photographers will be wearing bright orange tops with the logo on the front





2: Be nice to the photographers
They like:
– Drinks
– Food
– Dancing
– Smiles

They dislike:
– Angry people – Screw faces
– Stush people
– Haters & Cockblockers

– Daggering, dudes who lift up girls… girls who lift up dudes, people who think they are professional position masters & karma sutra scholars.. save it for the bedroom, people. We’ve got class (and brought-upsy)

They LOVE:

3: Stand out of the norm
Accessorize, stylize, differentiate your face and costume
Bedazzle your body (the visible parts)
No body likes the base model when you can get fully loaded with customized rims (if you were a car of course)

Sure we like solo shots, but it’s hard to resist a crew of HOT girls (and guys, but mostly girls)
So make sure you stay with your posse and be ready when the Carnival Chaser Photographers come around.


** Please note: This post is written to inform readers about how they can increase the chance of being in the magazine. It is in no way intended to offend any individual, party or entity either directly or indirectly. **


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