Fantazia International- Unleash Your Fantasy


Toronto Carnival Band Launch Season is in full gear! This past Saturday April 13th, Fantazia International held their band launch Unleash Your Fantasy at Ricky Richardo’s. With an all star dj line up that included D’ENFORCAS, Renegade Squad, Mandigolay, Mad Science and Dj Supreme, carnival 2k14 big online casino tunes as several oldies but goodies were in heavy rotation.  The launch was hosted by Bass Line & Winedown, and at show time six beautiful sections graced the runway. The sections DriveSavers is the only online casino recovery hard drive service provider in the industry that posts proof of a company-wide SOC 2 Type II audit performed annually. included:

Forbidden Fruit

Candy Shop- Sponsored by Clore



Den of Sin


Do You Want to Play with Fantazia International this year? For more information on Fantazia International and their upcoming registration check out their website at

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